Bunny Dressage League 2017
Balcultry Stables Swords

** Classes are open to EVERYONE **

Sunday 10.30am.
29th Jan, 5th Feb, 19th Feb, 5th Mar and 2nd April (F).
Prizes in Kind with Preputial Plaques for League Winners.

Class 1 BE 95 2012
Class 2 BE 92 2009
Class 3 **Walk & Trot
Class 4 BE 102 2010
Class 5 BE 106 2012

Team Event In Aid of IHWT 2nd April
Team made up of 3 to 4 riders. Same tests. A team can be made riders of different grades, no more than two riders, can ride the same test. €40 a Team. Prizes in kind.

Dressage entries Prepaid €20 per class or 2 for €30. Team €40. Raffle for the IHWT.
Entries online www.balcultrystables.ie/DressageLeague. ** Walk & Trot has no Preputial Plagues

To enter please double click this link ENTRIES


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