Show Jumping Turkey LeagueBalcultry TurkeyLeague15

At Balcultry Stables

Open to All.

10th, 17th Oct, 14th, 21st, 28th Nov, 5th Dec  Start 2pm Saturdays

Class 1 X PolesLeague Classes €15 Dbl clears get ribbons & draw for prize. (Class 1 is not in the league)
Class 2 70cm €15 Dbl Clears Ribbons
Class 3 80cm €15 Dbl Clears Ribbons
Class 4 90cm €15 Dbl Clears Ribbons

Must compete in 3 shows and the final for League. Same horse and rider combination. Final Show League winners for classes 2&3 Optimum times on their 2ndround. Class 4 will have the 2nd round against the clock, as the decider of the placings.

Show is a unaffiliated show, run under AIRC rules.

Riders to wear riding cloths but no hoodies allowed

League Prizes; 1st Place Turkey from our local farmer Pat Walsh, Oldtown.

Enquires phone Catriona 086 85 23405

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